Electrician Services:

  • Residential Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Industrial Services

Each of our technicians are properly trained and well experienced for any job and each job will get the proper attention and timely results our main goal is to provide the most efficient, quality electrical service for you and your family. Call us today and get an exact price estimate, competitive pricing, timely results and guaranteed work.

Our Residential Electric Services Include:

Breakers and Fuses Electric Water Heaters
Code Corrections Smoke Detectors
Outlets, Circuits, & Rewiring Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits
Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Appliance Circuits
Service Panel Upgrades Pool & Spas wiring
Data / Communication Lines  
Security & Landscape Lighting 24/7 Emergency Service
Exhaust Fans  
  If you can't find what your looking
  for, give us a call and ask about it,
  we will be happy to assist you.


Our company offers a full range of commercial services. Here is a part of our commercial services, if you can't find what your're looking for, give us a call and we will be happy to answer all your needs:

New Circuit / Distribution Surveillance System
1 Phase / 3 Phase Circuits Telephone Network Solution
Circuit Reliability Computer Network Solution
System Reconfiguration and Upgrade Design & Install Automation Control Panel
Maintenance Electrical Contracting
Automation Control Motors & Transformers
Emergency System Ballast / Lamp Replacing
Fire Alarm Detection & Protection Lighting Design
Intelligent System HID Lighting and Control
24/7 Emergency Services  


From a project’s inception phase to completion, clients count on our expertise to reduce their construction time and help them realize some of their goals—completing more projects, improving the bottom line and offering their customers unrivaled services. We trust that with the above combined experience and expertise you will have full confidence in our electricians having full capability required for the execution of your projects.

Our Industrial Electric Services:

Circuit Reliability High & Low Voltage Services
New Circuit / Distribution Substation Intelligent System
System Reconfiguration And Upgrade Surveillance System
Engineer-Procure-Construct Contracts Computer Network Solution
Maintenance Telephone Network Solution
Automation Control Design & Install Switchboard
Emergency System Machine Wwiring
Fire Alarm Detection & Protection Security System Installation
Electrical Contracting Troubleshooting Problems
24/7 Emergency Services  



Electricians Services

Electrician Services Upgrades & Surge Protection:
As the time goes by, we adds electrical equipment to our homes such as T.V., Computers, Refrigerators, Washers, Sound Systems and more...
These additions can overload on to your electrical system and harm your valuable equipment. We will make sure that you receive the most of your electrical home system and protect your system from power surge causes by lightning and help you to avoid from unwanted dangerous incidents.

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